Wednesday 26 August 2015

Hobby Season 2014/15 Review

The 2014/15 Hobby Season draws to a close, and how did I do? Well I managed to complete 5 out of 17 items on my list, these were

Blood Bowl Elves - there is still a Treeman to add to make them more interesting but for the first time ever I have two, painted, functiona,l Blood Bowl teams. We don't play it much but the actual achievement means more than the outcome.

Dark Vengeance Deathwing - despite some reservations about colour choices, again this was an important milestone and despite a subtly different way of painting them they do fit in with my existing Deathwing, At least if I can't meet this year's early hobby targets these models will be useful at Blog Wars X

Dark Vengeance - Dark Angel Chaplain Seraphicus. I'm not entirely convinced Chaplains are any good but I was definitely chuffed with my effort on this one. I don't know how often he'll see the light of day but it's handy to have options.

Genestealer Cultists - I honestly don't know how this happened. The original cultists were a nightmare to paint and I suddenly got the urge to do these despite languishing for too long [they began as a concept in December 2013!]. Personally I think it was an avoidance tactic for the Dark Angels but it did pay dividends to the Fallen, we'll get to that later

Project Ω, Realm of Battle board -  I could have thrown in the towel when things went 'Polyvine up' but eventually I got this done. I'm not 100% convinced of it's durability after all that effort but should I get chance to play on the board it'll more than stand up to the occasional use.

Now that doesn't seem like a lot but as per last year what of the things not on the list well these included:

A lot of single models in there but some of significant size and others just very different to paint, the scouts in particular were an unexpected bonus but although those additions make my effort look somewhat more significant there were even more contributions in the shape of:
  • a massive brood of Genestealers - waiting to be painted
  • A Cerastus Knight Lancer - constructed and half painted
  • A Knight Paladin - half constructed
  • A Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter - half constructed
  • My Bastion  - constructed and undercoated
  • Old One Eye - constructed and half painted
  • and various other bits and bobs built, modelled and painted...
  • not to mention the time and effort on the 40k man cave. 

Oh, and I came second in this

And I won these

So although the mid part of the year may have been a bit in the doldrums, the blog was downsized a little to reflect this and the To Do List was only scratched I think the balance turned out quite well with all the extras, and awards. 2015/16 holds a lot of promise but also change, thanks to the transition to the man cave, theres no guarantee my output will increase, but I'll cover that in my next post. All I can say is thanks for persevering with my efforts and your own, your continued support is a great motivator and hopefully you'll all be along for the ride in the next season :)

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  1. Great Stuff! I have enjoyed watching your progress this past year. You continue to inspire the community and I applaud all of your achievements and hard work. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Cheers!