Sunday 30 August 2015

Dark Angels - Inglorious Bastion!

This is where Ifound myself after the shadow wash, I mean it's a bit Nurgle but I was confident I could rescue it from here and there was still some of the chipping and the Martian Ironearth crackle effect visible which just added texture.

Here is where the salt started to appear, only lightly. I'd done the Dark Angel drybrush and was happy with the result. So I thought applying some water would help dilute the effect so it was less visible...

....and it was! The vibrancy came back the spotty white mottling disappeared and all was right with the world.

I set it out in the sun to dry and...

The filthy white salt deposits came back in a vengeance [a Light Vengeance?] it's almost like the Polyvine debacle, no matter what I do it comes back worse and all the shadow wash is fading too.

Suffice to say I was not happy. I'd brushed it with water about twice at this point. The next option was to run the entire thing under the tap.

It's currently drying in the hope that thetotal saturation will have leached away sufficient of the salt as to no longer leave staining.

The good news is I've had a look at the dried article and about 95% of the salt staining has been removed. Their are still bit in some of the crevices but I may be able to mitigate that with successive paint and weathering powder as Greg suggested. Bottom line I'll be having another crack at the shadow wash and another round of Dark Green highlights and hopefully we can move on from this debacle. Suffice to say I'll be cutting salt out of my menu for the foreseeable future, it's bad for my blood pressure!


  1. Dave have you thought of using a very fine sand instead of salt ? you can get a sand in pet stores for reptiles that's as fine as any salt.

    1. Check out today's post Frank, the bag of sharp sand I've been using for the last 5 years has some super fine sand, which is really annoying as it often fills in all the gaps in the mid range sized grains that I painstakingly remove.

      Anyway I used that to add a bot more texture in the spare Bastion I've been 'preparing just in case'. However, it's not really necessary as the first one is salvageable so it's really only getting done because I can it's funny how it's taking just as much time to do but I'm somehow justifying doing a second one because it's not much more difficult to do two than it is one... lunacy.