Friday, 28 August 2015

To Do List 2015/16

Lets get straight into it... first and foremost I need to make the transition to my 40k Man Cave. There's been a lot of time spent on that recently and although it's not been miniatures it's directly hobby related so must be part of my list. 

But whats the rest of the plan for 2015/16... well I'd got this sorted out pretty much a fortnight ago and then suddenly I realised I could actually set myself a deadline for some of these. Essentially Blog Wars X is due on November 7th and I have promised to take Dark Angels. I quickly looked at Battlescribe for what I've got and what I can do to make a list I'll be happy with. G.O.D. knows if it's competitive or not but then Blog Wars isn't about that so my initial 6 items [in priority order] are these:
  1. A fully functioning Dark Angel force [1850pts] 
  2. Dark Angel - Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad
  3. Imperial Knight - Cerastus Lancer
  4. Dark Angel - Bastion and Quad Gun
  5. Dark Angel - objectives
  6. Dark Angel - Ravenwing bike squad

Now this will give me a number of interesting items to paint and use. I'll be proxying my Cerastus as a Paladin [because only the Paladin and Wardens are BW legal] and I'll be throwing in the Land Raider Redeemer I traded with PeteB yonks ago. So it'll be a bit of a mixed bag of models and I'm not hopeful on the Ravenwing, I was taking them for their mobility but should that look doubtful I might throw in some more Deathwing, although the points will be tight to do that.

Now, the other items I'd had on my list
  1. Dark Angel - Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter
  2. Imperial Knight - Paladin
  3. Dark Angel - Azrael
  4. Dark Angel - Land Speeder Typhoons
  5. Dark Angel - Drop Pod
I know that's similar to last year but I'm being very specific about a number of things there that I'm committed to completing, although some of them have already been started which will help set immediate deliverable goals. Having a November deadline will get over a quarter of my list done in 80 days so compared to this year everything else I do will be a bonus. I'm hoping to focus on more Dark Angel stuff aside from the above but I am going to add in some Nid projects to mix things up and treat myself  when I've been good.
  1. Old One Eye
  2. Remaining Genestealers
  3. Project Z?! Still a mystery project ;)
I also have a few other jobs that I want to remain on/be added to my list but probably have no intention of doing but the road to hell is paved with good intentions
  1. Some bits of Imperial terrain I have knocking about
  2. 60mm Dreadnought crater
  3. Tyranid Bastion Crater
  4. Tyranid Void Shield Generators
  5. Tyranid Promethium Relay Pipes
  6. Battle for Macragge crashed Aquila Lander [finish off]
  7. New Armies on Parade board - Project X? [I'm highly doubtful on this one but the bits are still knocking around] 

Once again, this years green stamps of approval [with transparency] if you're joining in and comment below to share your To Do Lists and I'll add them to the community page.

And without transparency