Monday, 10 August 2015

Now this is a man cave!

I'm not the only one who's relocating their hobby enterprise, a number of people have shared pictures of their efforts or their planned purchase on the Facebook group. Of these I had to reshare on the blog Otty's Man Cave, although by the size of it it's more like a cave system! What's more impressive is Mr Otterburn has built this with his bare 'man hands' from scratch no doubt after going out hunting non-favorit,e non-named animals, probably a Mammoth, making fire from sticks and wrestling a blue whale! He's like Bear Grylls and Tommy Walsh rolled into one!

This is not some pre-built shed, oh no and I bet it's possibly no more expensive but if you've got the skills to construct such a beast, including the base and a back capable of smashing up a load of concrete to put down for it then this is definitely the way to go.

I don't even know where I'd start with this sort of build. I spend about 15 minutes Every night after putting up one plasterboard panel just trying to work out what needs doing next and whether I’ve everything I need to get it done!

Anyway, he's included a little bit of background info with the pics so I'll leave you to his knowledgable descriptions:

The whole shed is lined with dpm then clad internally with osb and as soon as my parents front room is decorated and furnished, I will inherit carpets for the ground floor.
I've left a hatch into the loft space which I will be installing a set of wooden stairs.
Ive used osb as flooring in the loft

Not only that but he's sent me a load of pictures of his recent additions to his Tyranids including his scratchbuilt Bastion so alongside future updates to his man cave build I'll be sharing those too.