Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The 2015/16 Hobby Season starts soon, join me!

The 2015/16 hobby season will be starting soon so for those alumni who joined in last year it might be cool to look back at your lists at what you've achieved , what might have slipped and those lovely unexpected successes that happened despite life getiing in the way and loss of mojo - I speak from experience.

I think from my perspective things started out OK but progress becamse more difficult towards the middle part of the year I didn't even manage to achieve half of my planned goals but that's not a bad thing as I did quite a few other things that I'll cover in a review of my 2014/15 hobby season coming soon. Then, on the 28th August I'll be revising my new plan for the forthcoming season and see what lies ahead of me.
In the mean time I created a new set of Big Green Stamps of Approval, this time I did them as transparent gifs so hopefully they'll look better on whatever blog background you use, However I probably should have done them as .png because I'm not a huge fan of the bitmap edges. Anyway, there's four of them, my onw 'branded' version, a non-branded one and a major and minor project stamp if you're that way inclined to record your achevements. Personally I'm just happy to get something done. I hope you all take part again and hopefully we get a few new participants, they'll all be on my community tab when the dust settles