Wednesday, 5 August 2015

40kaddict Towers - moar boards

Moving on from my last manc cave post that actually repeated the previous post I'd taken the day off for my wife's birthday but after a big lunch everyone was pretty lethargic so I decided to crack on with the shed. Right now my obsessive compulsive behaviour is being channelled into this. Ordinarily I'd be feeling the 'itch' to pain but this needs to be done and it's going to benefit everyone the sooner I get my hobby stuff out of the house and far better to do that in the summer than as Autumn approaches. So I ended up putting in 3.5 hours of solid work, without even getting frustrated with the enormity of it. First up I measured and cut the final roof panel, that way I could insulate and board in one go and have everything done and call it a night. I even managed to do the final board with the little to no further trimming to fit - so I am getting better!

And the insulation started to go in...

and the second...




and sixth! The staple gun is still hit and miss and trying to put it in place initially is a nightmare as the goggles steam up almost instantly thanks to the filter mask funneling my breath up into them. But the job got done.

I was still getting my son to help support the panels but thanks to that lip on the side walls all I really needed to do was slot it in place and support it with my head until I could pop one screw in place and then he didn't even really need to do anything.

And then the final board went up which felt like a significant accomplishment as I think these were the hardest bits.

The finished ceiling, not too bad, some elements that could have been neater but most importantly none of the boards broke and I'm still in one piece.

Filled with my acheivement I actually continued on and measured up one of the side boards as I only needed to cut around 60mm off one end and then mark it up. The cutting was super easy I just forget how long the marking takes but I know it's worth it. With the remaining 53cm wide earthwool strip it fit perfectly into the side pieces. Unfortunately I need to make a diagonal cut across it and it was here I got my second twinge of sciatic back pain since I started the shed but originally happened when I was shifting concrete fence posts in the garden. All the bedning over measuring and cutting is a huge gamble at the moment.

And I had to do a second one too! Part of me wants to do the insualtion in short bursts, although there's no guarantee that would save me from it giving out, fingers crossed that I can just get through it. Anyway, I had to saw my second roll to get another 53cm section for these panels, luckily I can use it on the other wall too.

And conveniently the remaining piece was exactly the right size for the centre piece. Now in hindsight I really should have added a small stud in the centre of this space as the plasterboard could do with that little extra stability but at this stage I didn't know that.

And having installed the board I called it a night after I collected 3 more 12.5mm boards from the garage and moved them ready for finishing both side walls.

I'm spending a lot of time looking at the remaining elements and trying to plan the best way to achieve the finished result. I've a diagram of where the boards can go but I keep hitting snags of sharing single 1" thick beams between two boards that really need at least half an inch clearance at each edge so it doesn't crumble apart. Essentially I need 2" beams so I'll be getting some extra 2"x1" to make things easier.