Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 2

This looks like progress has been swift, but in actual fact this has been 'in manufactorum' for a few weeks now because I've been flitting between projects. The magnetising doesn't help progress but it does add benefits down the line so I'm persevering. As you can see the Knight will be sporting Dark Angel chapter symbols, not Imperium or AdMech. I know this isn't strictly correct but I've seen plenty of other Dark Angel or Space Wolf aligned Knights, not that that inspired me. My inspiration comes from the fluff. This is an Imperial Knight owned by the 'Order' and was used on Caliban to help supress the bigger monsters that roamed the forests. How it ended up on Ferron Proxima is another story but I think the Dark Angel fluff pretty much allows, nay encourages the use of Knights

The magnets have worked on the missile launcher pretty well, the autocannons are also doen. I'm ganetisinge the launcher to do both  missiles but if I'm honest I probably will never use the anti-infantry option and as the positioning of the sprue [not shown] inside was a little too far forward I may well just glue the cover on instead and save the hassle and magnets.

I finally got the throne supported, but snapped one of the hand controllers in the process. I'll paint this separately and then glue in place.

Here's my test pose, that's a mangled old Termagant with no head or weapon so I'll have the Knight squashing it flat, it fits perfectly between it's toes so I have to do it. Hopefully I can put the other foot on some slate but I don't have a piece to fit it whole so it'll require some tweaking of the foot so it stands right.

I also attached another Dark Angel icon to it's ion shield. I threw on some liquid green stuff to try and blend the icon to the shield and add a bit of texture, this shield is awfully smooth. It probably won't be noticable when it's done but I'm happier with it.

It's funny how big the Warden carapace is to the Cerastus.

Yeah, that's right.

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