Monday 27 July 2015

40kaddict Towers - the man cave has arrived!

If you're a member of the 40kaddict facebook group  [and you can it's free] you'll already have seen this but I thought I'd share my soon to be new hobby home:

This was the garden before, we just had the new fence line put in, it blew down about 5 years ago and we were never in a position to replace it. When they took out the old concrete panel bases I actually dragged them back out of the skip to create my new border edgings. Did my back in in the process but it was worth it and when I get the bark chippings in too it'll look a lot better.


The gardener also laid the base for the shed.

We actually asked him to come back to extend it right to the back of the old dog pen, you'll see why in the later pics.

The shed came as prefab sections so it was installed within 1.5-2 hours.

Unfortunately progress was hampered by the installers stepping on a bees nest in the borders. They buzzed around a lot, very grumpy but no one was stung.

As you can see the shed could benefit with the 10" at the back of the dog pen, it's quite close to our washing line and imposing in size, setting it back a bit, even just such a short distance is worth it. Meanwhile the old tabletop is trying to contain the bees, who were rehomed the following day by a trained professional.

Some bees failed to return to the hive in time so we did end up with a dozen dead ones scattered about the garden, still better than no hive at all. Overall the shed is great, the only real issue is the door, it doesn't have a proper lock inside. I'm going to form a frame on it so it can be double skinned and hopefully seal some warmth back in, currently it's the weak spot. I may well add a curtain over the door for added draught exclusion.

This is inside, as you can see solidsheds is exactly what you get, diagonal bracing, roof support and toughened glass windows. I've 4 rolls of loft insulation I got off gumtree for £5 each to keep it snug. I'm going to try and pack the 150mm material into 50mm cavities. I'm sure this stuff works better fluffed up but it's not really an option and £20 all in instead of £130 for the correct depth well it was a no brainer.

Unfortunately the other materials have ballooned in cost, plasterboard was my cheapest option. They arrive today, that cost £90 instead of the £56 I estimated thanks to cost of delivery and stupid VAT. Even the screws, and extra bits of wood to join them too added another £40 to the total. We've still got electrics to sort out too but we're getting there.

Once it's boarded I'll paint it and move my hobby stuff out which will require re-decorating the vacant space as a dining room. So we'll just have to see how much hobby I get in as this hobby season comes to a close. In the midst of all this my car failed it's MOT so I had a few fraught days looking for another one and somehow ended up with this cool, but ridiculously boy-racerish Fiesta, certainly not the old Micra I had or the newer Micra I was looking for...


  1. Shed=Drool. What size is that 12x8 or 10x6?

    1. it's a 10x6, I find it quite odd that sheds usually come in Imperial sizes but log cabins seem to be all metric! It's plenty big, but we'll see what ot's like when I've filled it with crap!

  2. That is amazing! Please update with the progress as it comes together!

    1. Will do Greg, in fact I managed to do one of the roof panels and insulation so that will be an update tomorrow because this is my 'hobby' for the next few weeks.