Friday, 15 January 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 6

It's this time of the year that usually the hobby slump kicks in. Having most of Christmans off, lots of late nights, lie-ins, the dark and miserable days [and we won't mention the fact I have to go out to the Man Cave now which is less appealing] means quite often I get demotivated. The fact is I'm keeping my mojo ticking over, doing tedious but essential jobs. I'm slightly overwhelmed by what I still have before me but thats down to trying to do lots of things at once so progress is much slower. That being said the night is getting a lot of attention [for the time being] I want to get him based and basecoated, possibly with washes too and then try and move onto other things. Funnily enough the 1.5-2 hours hobby time that used to be beyond my patience now feels more like a limitation, I just want to get on.

Now the Knight has been 'textured', following the same principle as the Cerastus I stippled on Vermilion art acrylic. I looked for a black or even a green in Home Bargain but no joy. I;ve got loads of the Vermilion though so just went at it. I also figured that when I did the highlights on the Lancer I stippled a couple of times so I did two coats of stippling to build up the texture. I may live to regret this as the paint dries with an almost rubbery feel so I have serious reservations about how this will cope should it be scraped by a nail or somesuch.

With that in mind I decided the basecoat would benefit from being a bit more hardwearing so I picked up a can of Army Painter Angel Green undercoat and spryaed it on top.

I'm definitely impressed with the spray, it provides a really good under/base coat. I'll be considering using it in addition to a black undercoat on future Dark Angels. But the texture has come out fantastic. Not sure if it'll be significantly more durable but it certainly feels like the green is bonded to the red and successive washes, colours, highlights and varnish will hoefully add further protection.

Not forgetting this is a plastic model anyway so they're a bit more forgiving when it comes to knocks and scrapes.

I keep dry fitting the beast which gives me a thrill, wastes time as I build up/break down all the parts. The remainign red bits and metallics are next.

I'm also Warplock Bronzing anything else that needs doing - some odd Ravenwing bikes, the remaining Knight weapons, some terrain pieces and the Jetfighter so there'll be a really mess of odd things that will depress me as nothing feels like it's getting finished but in the long run those tedious jobs that have to be done are being done at the right time.

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