Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 21 - To Done!

21 today, 21 today, he's got the key of the door, never been 21 before! Euronymous is complete I had to concerted last push to get him done with the usual final furlong being more like two or three furlongs - the closer you get to the finish the further away it seems. Does anyone else get that feeling.

I managed to get all the varnishing, flocking, and blood effects and photographs all in the one session!

I have to admit I'm rather fond of him 'sans' faceplate, you can see much more of his face [obviously] but the eyes in particular become a focal point.

Whereas when he's got his face on much of the detail is hidden and also the continuation of the green from the cowl makes the whole head somewhat lost. I'm considering retrofitting some magnets into the front of the head, or alternatively drilling a hole and putting a small rod into the back of the face plate [like I've done on the carapace hatch]. I can just slot it in place then and remove at will.

I think I managed the stomped Termagant gore OK.

The white hot glow might be a bit too far but I think it's much more effective on his carapace than the Cerastus was.

For the time being I'll be leaving the faceplate off but it definitely needed the OSL glow on the inside to even remotely make the eyes work.

I've still to do the alternative weapon options but there's no immediate rush for those, he's AoP complete and I can move onto the remaining elements.

I did try to do proper 'heat bloom' on Thermal Cannon, with blues, purple and orange but I foolishly believed I could do it with paint and not inks/washes. It did not work so I was quick enough to wipe most of it off and just slather on sepia Soft Tone for the orange/brown and then drybrushed it black for the burnt smoke stained charred muzzle as I did with my Dreadnought. I think it turned out all right in the end, saved it from dragging it down at least.

Still dubious about the banner, and it does get in the way of moving the model around as I keep catching it when I grasp the leg but hey, ho!

The view from above.

A Guardsman's eye view.

And again, without cropping off the top of the carapace ;)

And finally he's done.

And with that I get my second Big Purple Stamp of Approval! He's been a really long time in production, make the six months on the Cerastus laughable but he's done and I'll get the other weapons complete soon enough as some of the elements also need the same painting as what I need to do on the bastions and Quad Gun so I'll batch them simultaneously. But so far so good for the season!

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