Monday 20 July 2015

PeteB's Harlequins

As I sit here awaiting the delivery of my 40k man-cave and bemoaning a lost ['errant'] piece of an Imperial Knight I thought I'd share some of PeteB's Harlquins. I'm not sure how many time's Pete's put faith in these clowns but it's nice to see the old skool metal ones which I had myself way back when.

It's interesting how the choice to continue a theme from the rest of the Craftworld actually makes them all look like they've been plucked from a B&W movie. Anyway, he's got just a little to say about them...

Not sure about the name for the masque, but due to the cold conditions I thought the Masque of the Shrivelled Weenie?

I've also included a pic of Fuegan, who I will be using as a fire dragon exarch, mainly as he has to be the most over compensating elf I have ever seen!!


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    1. It's one of the shoulder joints, but it's not quite what you think [you'll understand tomorrow] and even so there aren't any spares in a box, in case you thought you might be able to help with your recent arrivals ;)

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