Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Neon baubles

Whilst on the subject of Christmas baubles, but obviously not 40k related, this is what my son and I made. He painted all the paper balls. I got some metal craft rings, I think they're for lamp shades. Split them and then threaded the 'electrons' on. Then I drilled holes through the bauble, tied the rings together with fishing line and threaded them through the bauble. For added security I super-glued the knots on the rings.

It was actually really easy to do with only the knots being a bit fiddly. I think I also rebuilt it half way through as the idea I had in my head wasn't the easiest solution to build but I'm not sure what was in my mind at the time. Still, just thought I'd share this craft nonsense as the concept was more of what the Mad Mek would call my 'inner Mek' surfacing ;) You never know you could find a use for it.