Friday, 10 July 2015

Dark Angels - Scouts TO DONE!

I've split these pictures up into two posts for a couple of reasons, one it can be quite daunting to see a page full of stuff and this means you only have to devote a small amount of time over two days compared with twice the amount of time on one day. Also, given how most of my currect enterprises are difficult to show progress I'm better spreading this out a little bit so at least the blog is ticking over, otherwise there'll be nothing to post. Hopefully you don't mind.
I really enjoyed painting these, I know I felt a little impatient at the end but it resulted in a sense of freedom that the rest of the Dark Angels fail to deliver.

I was also wary of painting the guns, the tarnished bronze didn't seem to fit the stealthy hiding in the shadows purpose of snipers but thankfully the verdigris toned down the half-way done brass and bronze elements to actually make them still fit with my theme and not stand out. Anyways, the anacronisms of the grim dark universe means these things could be day-glo and I'd get away with it!

I also made sure that I managed to cover up as many eyes as I could with sniper scopes. I'm all out of patience with them, I can't paint them for toffee. I must have tried about ten times on my Azrael conversion and I'm just about to give up on my Tac Squad sergeant too

But these guys make a nice unit. I wonder if the Space Crusade ones will fit in...?

The sergeant also had a freehand chapter symbol added.

Camo cloaks turned out alright.

I'm really thinking I should do some warpaint on some of my bare headed models but I fear it won't make too much sense, but we'll see.

Glow effects didn't work too well on the visors but I do think the little whit highlight looks like a targetting reticule which just about lifts them from mediocrity.

The sergeants one worked out OK too. I'm really chuffed with the chapter symbol. Sure it's quite patchy and a decal would be tidier, I don't even think it's my best but there's something about the roughness to it that's just right, almost like he painted it himself [badly].

Cloaks blend together well.

The extra highlights on the black may be a little too much but I think it help break up the orange expanse a bit more.

So I'm really chuffed about these, especially as they're seen as 'competitive' now. I'm kind of wishing I took a longer look at what my nephew was selling now as ther was scouts in there. But it's nice to have something done that's going to definitely get used, considering I had zero intention of using them when I started! Anyway, there'll be moar pictures in a day or so but in the mean time a big red stamp! Incidentally I was thinking of doing a green one for the 2015/16 hobby season, alternate red/green each year, what do you think?