Sunday 5 July 2015

Dark Angels - Scout Camo cloaks colours

Unfortunately [or fortunately depending on your point of view] I didn;t take anymore WiP pics after this. I actually did a few highlights on all the black polygons and then promptly painted all the black bits, green bits, metalics and eveything else but it just doesn't show up in the pics as progress so I didn't even bother.

However, the basis for the pattern is complete in these so you can get the jist until you see the finished article. For some reason though all I'm seeing is a fruit loaf or cake, filled with raisins and orange peel, which isn;t a bad thing I suppose.

I certainly don't think they've been ruined, far from it it's just the feeling I get from them is difficult to articulate thanks to this whole 'cake' motif I'm getting, cos I like cake. Still, I'm glad I did it as otherwise it'd just be some red cloaks. This isn't a new skill, because afterall I did do this 19-20 years ago but it has been something different to do which has made it fresh and exciting.

Hopefully I'll feel equally motivated and excited when I crank out the airbrush and have a pop at some of my tanks. I'll need a little practice first as the last time I used one was probably in '91/'92 at school and I'll tell you the amusing anecdote surrounding those airbrush lessons when I attempt to hone my talents as a little humility of my own might help temper the amusment I'll have at someone else's expense...


  1. I think they look great, man - my first impression was leaves rather than cake, but now that you'd mentioned it I can't unsee it! Haha!

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks, yeah I suppose some of that crazy new '3D' camo effect is similar if a lot more detailed.

  2. Well now you know you have to make a piece of cake terrain. :)