Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 18

All my efforts are being put into the Knight now and I can feel myself on a roll. With countdown to AoP ticking away every step forward helps, unfortunately it mean you're getting update after update... Anyway, I thought I'd tackle the Euronymous heraldry - adding in the portculis, eyes, top of the helm and highlighting white. I'm actually really pleased with it, imperfection and all. The right one is a little thinner but overall I'm happy.

I think it was pretty close to my Photoshop effort too.

I also added a couple more decals on the knees. Not entirely sure if the Ravenwing badge makes sense but it's OK and although I can freehand that 1 I just wanted to use it up to mark the legion number.

The following night I scuffed all the knee and thigh plates. It's definitely much less green than it was before, I may have gone OTT but I'll try to reign it in a bit as it goes further up the knight.

 I then finished some missing highlights on the black areas of the carapace
Here you can see the limited chipping on the Ion Shield, helm and helm carapace, I don't know whether to do a glow effect around the Dark Angel symbol, if so it'd most likely need to be orange, what do you think, too much breaking up of the green [I do feel I'm losing it a bit]?

I also did some limited chipping on the chest piece. Next up I need to do the battle damage on the carapace and pauldrons, then verdigris the torso and weapons. Lastly it'll be the glow effects and we're essentially done.

So this may well be completed next week, well ahead of schedule and I can then focus on the Bastions.

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