Friday 3 July 2015

Dark Angels - Scout Camo cloak patterns

This was quite laborious, and I really started ot think this was a mistake part way through. Painting all these polygons took quite a while made more time consuming by making the shapes so small. The titan carapace shapes were about twice the size.

I did try and switch scales so it was quicker to do but somehow I still kept pretty much the same size which does make me feel happy that I was at least consistent and now the job is done it doesn;t matter so much how time-consuming the process was but at the time it was a little frustrating.

I'm pretty sure I could have left this right here, the effect is still pretty cool and you can still see the smooth highlights on the cloaks. However I'm not one to shirk from a plan so I'll be continuing on with the planned bonewhite and black polygons.

I'm also quite relieved that the scouts have an increased BS now and can be part of that demi-company so it's a cheap ob-sec scoring unit, ones we're short of now Sammael, Azreal and Belial don't unlock Deathwing and Ravenwing as troops :(

Anyway, it's nice to have options so I can always rock out my old Space Crusade scouts should I need some more ;)


  1. Wow. Those came out great. Nice work.

  2. ObSec is a luxury we Blood Angels are not blessed with at all ;)

    The cloaks look fantastic. I was also planning to make mine match the bases so seeing how good it can look has convinced me. Thanks! :)