Tuesday 14 July 2015

Dark Angels Scouts - MOAR pics.

Sorry to eek this out [money for old rope?] it just seemed far too many pictures for one post but moving on the scouts are perfect for shooting from cover :)

So here's some individual close-up shots so you can pick out all the detail.

Quite pleased with the tread on his boot. And yes, I think the camo does look like leaves.

Notice I did three types of chevroned cable, back-slash, vertical and forward-slash, just to add a bit of variety. can't decide which I like most.

Company markings on the missile launcher scout, really like how the mix between brass and bronze worked on this.

And his oversized camo cloak doesn't look too bad now.

I also did some litany scripts alongside the chapter symbol poking out of the camo cloak.

Interestingly the Bolt Pistol is from the Space Wolves but I actually think that wolf on top look more like a lion

That'll be handy because it looks like there are Space Wolf Plasma Pistols that do the same thing and as Space Wolf weapons are going for buttons on ebay I may well use some Plasma Pistols to make Plasma Talon upgrades on a spare set of Dark Vengeance bikers so I can have more Ravenwing Knights.


Another visor, the Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 manages to rescue all my lens effects and it's further augmented with Vernidas gloss varnish, it still shrinks a bit but it's much thicker than acrylic gloss varnish.

OK, so more of the same but as I've mentioned things are a bit disrupted at the moment. I am still getting to do little bits of hobby, some really exciting things but I am flitting from one project to another. Snip bits of sprues here, scrape mold lines there it's all stuff that needs doing, it's just not particularly photogenic so please understand if things go a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks. 

Also, the man cave is due on Monday so I will be fitting it out with insulation and the electrician will make it powered, then I'll be painting it and transferring all my hobby stuff to the shed. Following that there'll be DiY in the vacated back room to make it half decent as a dining room so progress will be even slower but then hopefully the new space will allow me to crack on with things.

In the mean time I've a couple of little WiP posts to whet your whistles but we'll have to see how things progress from there. Stay frosty!


  1. Really nice work dude, you've got some really vibrant colours going on in the cloaks and I like the contrast between them and the dark colours on the rest of the mini's, very cool !

    1. The sad thing is when I originally managed to get the Ferron Proxima basing to work [way back when] and then somehow managed to paint red without having a panic attack I thought I could do really well with Blood Angels, although they would blend in too much with the Red Planet BASE! so I'd have had to bin that concept off and it was Dark Angels I was attached to so it was sticking with them. Luckily the camo-cloaks and the cultists allowed me to scratch that 'red itch' a bit.

  2. Dave you have done a great job on these and can I just say I can see that your style of painting is so perfect for your nids I can see the battle you constantly have with the straight line neat perfection of the marines. But having said that they look great they could even pass as cultists for your nids that's if they ever come back lol

    1. Thanks Ben, they're getting there. You hope sometimes that forcing yourself to do straight lines like that you may well get better at it, but for me I think I've reached my peak. I'll learn a few new techniques but this is my standard and so long as I actually complete the miniatures I'm happy and I managing it, if a little slowly. Luckily my next focus will help fill out my army tout d'suite! I may well have something worth fighting.

  3. Nice work. The boot tread is ingenious. I never would have thought of doing that but it makes perfect sense.

    1. And none of it's real, I just painted it! Adds a little je ne sais quoi!