Friday 17 August 2018

Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Chosen Axes - Where they're @

When last I updated my Shadespire detour I had done the bases, but it was time to look at metallics... oh metallics my twisted friend. Of course I could look at NMM, like Liam [and many others] but I'm even less inclined to go down that route.

Whatevs, Warplock Bronze, Balthasar Gold, Retributor Gold and then 50:50 Valejo Gold and Gun Metal highlights later. I also picked out the loon cloths and orange hair/beards - as per the standard but that's where I then deviate.

These guys are going to remain completely black skinned, like polished coal or obsidian 'dragon glass'. The standard caucassion ginger Fyreslayers are ten a penny on ebay, I had to do something to differentiate/alienate potential customers.

I've sepia washed all the basecoated bits, have some highlights to do and then it's back in on the skin, basecoating black before I start their highlights too. Slightly unlikely to meet the end of Season deadline now but you never know...?

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