Thursday 2 August 2012

Flufftastic - Ferron Fire Firs

One of the many unique elements of Flora on Ferron Proxima is the Ferron Fire Fir. It's oft remarked that the Universe in the 41st Millenia is a dangerous place and everyday it gets 'dangerouser'. Gone are the times you can stroll out to the ethereal swamps of New Baux City in peace, now you risk disturbing a nest of Razorwings and hope you can return to the city limits before they strip you to the bone. 

The Ferron Fire Fir is unique in that's form of 'Photosynthesis' creates a byproduct of heat. The greater the energy transference the hotter they get. During periods of particularly strong solar activity and reduced sulphur cloud coverage it is common for the Fire Firs to spontaneously combust. Strangely the trees themselves are not combustible, the flames from one tree do not spread to the next and so on to cause raging forest fires, however there is some belief there is a limited sentience between the trees and it is theorised that some trees will often 'choose to combust in sympathy'.

The greatest study of this phenomena has been made by Prof. Egon Seuss - eminent xeno-botanist, Delta Level Bio-Magi of the Frau Mara Institute of Floramancy and part-time children's author. It is his research into the mysteries of the Ferron Fire Fir and many other local flora that has saved countless lives of children, picnickers and couples who thought to enjoy nature without realising they were standing in the middle of a powder keg. One of his simple tongue twisters:
Four flaming Fronds on a Ferron Fire Fir.
is cited as reducing forest fatalities by 46%. There are still many examples of people caught unawares, but predominantly most Ferron Fire Firs are avoided, except for military exercises and suppression campaigns.

This area of avoidance does allow criminal elements to site their activities within the relative security of fir stands. Although the merits of keeping your illegal alcostem distillery within a potentially flammable environment has left many a crimelord ruing that decision.


  1. Totally cool and yeah your right the yellow works well with red bases, you have given me more to think of going forward making terrain/scenery and such.


    1. Yellow foliage would make your Scythes out to be wearing camouflage ;) There are plenty of aquarium plants on ebay that are yellow too, very cheap, well considerably cheaper than GW. All you'd need to do is mask off the plastic plants and spray the integral resin bases with red oxide primer. It's what I plan to do, in fact I'll probably look to show some of these cool things I've found on ebay as a blogpost soon.