Wednesday 8 August 2012

Terrain is everything - Eldar defence line


Just been reading a battle report by hyv3mynd at synaps3 and what's of particular interest is his opponent's - Grubnards - home made Eldar Aegis Defence Line and Quad Gun. I was hoping this sort of thing would take off and as it's one of the first examples I've seen since the rules came in I had to share it immediately.

All the construction details are here. So nip along, see how easy it is and have a go. Not so sure about fixing the layout of the line, but to each their own and the finished article is really cool but also handy for illustrating a simple technique to create almost any organic wraithbone structure. I'll definitely think hard about what I could do. My own Tyranid Defence Line and Quad gun is in progress I'll update as and when I can fit it in.


  1. That is some nice eldar defensive walls. its a shame that they are not broken down into pieces so that they could be configured for the battlefield. like the real agis defense line. I might have to try my hand at ork defense line not that there would be much more then a pile of junk to look at but hay that's orks for ya.

  2. That one is pretty nice, but I took a different approach with mine.

    It does break down and might offer you some help in making your own Tyranid one.

  3. I have an idea for taking an Aegis Defense line and using magnets to attach Orky things to it. Making it appear as though a band of Orks looted an IG Aegis Defense line and are now using it for their own green-skin purpose. Something I could see happening often. In my case, the Ork trappings could be removed and the same Aegis Defense line used by IG forces as well in another game/scenario.

    1. Interesting way to make it modular, once it's done I'd love to see pictures.