Thursday 30 August 2012

'nids part 49 / Terrain is everything - Tyranid Aegis Defence Line Pt1

As mentioned I have started apace on my own version Last month I did all the leg work in of Mr_Pink's Tyranid defence line, My son has recently developed a taste for Pineapple Jelly Pots which are pretty much identical to the pots Mr_pink uses. I've used greyboard again, it didn't warp with my fences and I had some left so I'm hoping to get away with it again.

I've not split the pots in two, but into thirds. Handily there were 18 markings around the base so I split them every 6. I plotted my homemade Aegis [the Targus Assault Blockade] onto the board and used that as a template for where the pots should go. As Mr_pink only has single units I can see why halves fit but if you want to replicate the Aegis's shape then thirds is more than enough and makes the pots go further, I must have only used 4 to achieve a full set!

Once you cut into the pots to make the chitinous plates you will be left with the top [or bottom piece depending which way you look at it] this can be used to bridge the two pieces together. I used staples, it's a bit fiddly, the stapler slipped all over the place and you need small fingers to hold everything in place while trying to staple but it does the job.

This back view shows the Aegis outline that my pineapple pots mirror.

An individual barrier.

Now I may have made them a little too tall at the edges, well for the Termagant anyway. I may think about trimming them down a little bit, it'll save on modelling materials if nothing else but if anyone thinks I modelled for advantage tough - I modelled unlike those with no imagination and creativity who bought off the shelf. Kudos for effort, not sanctions!

And a handy little point of note, they stack really well together, making a solid mass. Hopefully they'll still do so with the 'cladding' on, now that's a point DAS air drying clay or Milliput?


  1. I'd got with a plaster of paris/pva mix for a bit of "bounce" as a coating for these.. oh and sand them a bit first.. this will "key" or roughen up the surface so whatever you use can grip the plastic better.

  2. Interesting idea Karitas, is that maleable - can it be shaped into thick ridges and sculpted by hand like Milliput?
    I've actually gone with the Milliput but it'd be interesting to know for future, I may want to attempt a Bastion but the Milliput option might be too expensive.

    I chose Milliput for the defence line in the end because it is stickier than the DAS clay and I thought it would be more durable for gaming. I also tried keying the surface as you suggest but after the first one the pot separated from the card base so I thought I'd just stick to trusting the Milliput to stick regardless.

    It doesn't have to be a strong bond really, it's only a central structure, the putty encapsulates it so will essentially support itself in the end so long as enough is stuck to the base as well. I'm sure I could rip it apart but I think it's strong enough for gaming.

  3. I like them, when do we get to see more pictures?

  4. Today, first set of Milliput in place. Trying to juggle a lot of posts at the moment, still the last of my Warhammer World pics too.