Wednesday 15 August 2012

Terrain is everything - "Space Zombie Barricade"

Perusing the old TerraGenesis forum I came across another take on the Aegis Defence Line, this time for Necrons. As I'm so keen to share any home made versions of the Fortifications now available in 6th I find I'm going to help promote them here whenever I can, hence the extra post today.

So here's Neal Crankshaw's "Space Zombie Barricade". It's made with laser-cut cardboard which not everyone will have access to but it may give you some idea how to create your own version and it is possible with scalpel, skill and a LOT of patience ;)

Now that's not all from Neal, his blog has some neat stuff, not least one item I've mentioned before. The Warhammer World Big Display Post included this image of a Blight drone:

I mentioned I'd seen a cool thread on making one from scratch on TerraGenesis but couldn't find it anymore.  Well it turns out Neal was the one that created it and here's the finished article, not bad at all don't you think? Maybe we can get him to post the WiP shots on his blog...

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    found a nurgal themed one its very simply done but it works