Friday 24 August 2012

Warhammer World - random pics

Still plenty of pics to come from my Warhammer World visit, lots of terrain photo-bombs but here's a slew of random shots to entertain. First up the Reward sign to find the Regimental mascot and the poor little tyke spotted by my son. This is one of the '10 things to do at Warhammer World'

In the entrance is this life size chaos warrior.

Also sharing the entrance is Lurtz the Uruk-Hai, one of the '10 things' is to have your picture taken with him but my son refused.

I loved this print, and it's recently surface in the new 40k rulebook.

A real-life Golden Daemon Slayer sword, you would not believe how sharp this thing looks on the edge, chunky, but very keen.

A dragon-hide map of ye olde Warhammer Worlde. Whcih covers quite a large wall and is about 6'x8'.

The last 'person' who tried to leave without paying in Bugman's Bar - be warned!

A rather more portable map of the the old world.

And a rather pointless blurred close-up.

My son finally getting into the spirit of things, holding up the Bugman's Brew and seeing how big he is compared to an Astartes.

Another life size Marine for him to make friends with.

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