Tuesday 7 August 2012

'nids part 47 - Superquick update on my Tervigon

I know this is just one pic but I spent a good while on the head and although it's not complete I'm really happy with it. The Mechrite Red , and its highlights, really adds something to the richness of the figure that the liver colouring [that ends up brown after the washes] really doesn't bring. Add to that the acid green toxin elements on the tongue and I'm loving this. Even the glow effect from the green adds smoky clouds to the tongue spike. 

Sadly my chitinous feathering is a bit sloppy in places, not up to the standard I would hope but on these big creatures I like to do a third highlight so I might be able to cover the mistakes with more detail.

And just to remind you where I was at...

I'm loving doing this, it's a real labour of love and I'm also trying to get the Hive Guard done as well which is slowing progress. The Chitin on the body is a rather daunting prospect but I will try and dig in and have a bash piece by piece so I don't go mad. So many times you read about nid painters getting sick of chitin. I don't mind it, except in large areas. 

Two other points of note is that the Tervigon has become a new MVP in the nid arsenal, thanks to the new Psychic disciplines so whatever it takes I will be making this the true centrepiece of my army, which is a shame for his home made older [but smaller] sibling. Secondly, due to painting it piece by piece I have resorted to wearing rubber gloves to paint. It does help reduce the amount of oils I'm depositing on the model, which given how greasy my phone gets is probably far more than you would expect. Also there's a certain satisfaction and businesslike approach to snapping those blue gloves on every time I'm about to 'get down with ma bitch' ;)


  1. amazing work there mate, puts my "slap on a wash" approach to complete shame :D

  2. Cheers TSINI it may be 'slap on a wash' but they're all done which is more than can be said for a lot of horde [or any other for that matter] armies. Anyway at least you're in the perfect position to add further highlights detail if you ever feel the need.

  3. Your Tyranid army is all-wise a wonderful thing to behold. But this seems to be taking it to the next lever. truly beautiful.