Monday 20 August 2012

Warhammer World - Prize Giving and more random pics

Here's the prize ceremony for my Warhammer World trip, Nick prepares to tell us whether the Seasiders or Inlanders have prevailed.


Nick was really helpful throughout and funny too!

Best painted miniature went to this guy, I think his name was Lee, he brought Nids and fought my son in the second match. His nids were really cool with some fluff about their 'homeworld' which seemed similar to Pandora in Avatar. All the nids had tiny bio-luminescent dots on them and the bases were dark blue, as was their colouring. Some very fine detail work but he pointed out it was a simple effect so didn't take very long. There was some beutiful attention to detail on the bases with tiny plants and leaves. Foolishly I forgot to get pictures though. He does commission painting and is getting a website online so if I ever find it I'll post here.

And the winners were the Seasiders, here we are, a bit blurred but winners nontheless.

And as we move off you can see my baldy head and red jumper at the back.

Both my son and I got these cool little winners certificates, neat. An awesome day and my son asked if we could do it again next year.

The end results were that I came joint 23rd out of 46 and my son came joint 38th, a good result.

Just a couple of more 'atmosphere' shots. There's at least 3 or 4 buildings within the GW HQ, this building has the Imperial Aquila on the side. Out front [towards the left] is Space Marine Statue on a plinth, if you check out the HQ on Google Maps you can see the statue I'm referring too, although...

...there's a similar statue guarding the entrance to the building here. Imagine seeing him poking round the corner of the building as you exit the coach!

And what this is either the side of Warhammer World or one of the factories that runs parallel to WW, behind it.

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