Tuesday 28 August 2012

To Do List 2012/13

This time last year I set a 'to do list' lets be honest I haven't completed everything on that list BUT I put 23 items on that list and did nine of them, although I'm pretty sure there weren't 23 on the list when I started and that list doesn't include many items I did outside of the list, bits started and progressed but still to complete but decent progress non-the-less. 

It also doesn't take into account that despite suggesting I step back from the blog to concentrate on the hobby aspect to create content, I've actually posted more than last year and I believe mostly solid content not always filler. I've also actually gamed more too, which means less hobby time and more gaming content to add to the blog, so time is more precious than ever before. The irony is whatever internet tsars are in control during the day means I'm struggling to access blogger during my lunch ;) I've posts scheduled for late September but things may get a little difficult, although I've said that before haven't I!

Which leaves me wanting to take stock of the current To Do List, park some items and create a new list for 2012/13 with some priority items and then perhaps add in some secondaries from 2011 and perhaps include some specific goals for the blog so you can know what to look forward to.
  1. Finish Hive Guard
  2. Finish Tervigon
  3. Create Tyranid bio-defence line and quad gun
  4. Finish Ymgarl Genestealers
  5. Bloodbowl Elves
  6. Bloodbowl Skaven
  7. AoBR Tactical Squad
  8. AoBR Dreadnought
  9. Dark Angel Drop Pod
  10. Ravenwing bike squad
  11. STC Vent tower
  12. STC Athena plateau
  13. STC Mercury plateau
  14. STC 40k Cathedral tower [via Free Radical Collective]
  15. Create Epic building templates
  16. Plasma Hatchers Mycetic Spores
  17. 60mm Dreadnought crater
  18. Complete pot pourri vegetation [and blog posts for that matter!]
  19. New 6th edition boxset figures...
  20. See 19 cos that'll be a biggy
That's some list in some kind of priority order but I won't hold myself to it, the first ten are the priority and I think they're doable in 12 months, the next four will be a separate entity and they'll come as and when I can spend the time doing them. The blog? Well I'll try to do more Flufftastic, I've quite a few ideas mulling round and they're great in that the more I sit and think the more they feed into other ideas. I have a couple of now cursory book reviews to do as its been a long time since I read them my recollection will be hazy at best. I also need to add in some new 'art of 40k'. Then there's the treasure trove of White Dwarfs I found and I've never even shared my Limited Collectors 6th Edition, that's not turned out to be the typical market investment I thought it'd be...

...and I've got to manage doing all this with my continued playing and battle reports. If there's anything you the faithful few would like to see more of, let me know in the comments and I'll try and accommodate that too.


  1. That is a heck of a list you have there. good luck getting all that done and don't forget your dark angles are rumored to get a new codex soon so that may just throw all that planing out of wack in a good way.
    now that my first year long challenge is done maby it is time I look at what I too wish to accomplish in the coming year.

    Thank you for the inspiration for organizing my self a bit.

  2. I dunno, you 'gazumped' me with your to do list the other week which I was going to mention but the post was mostly ready anyway as I realised it's anniversary was coming up.

    It is a bif list but the first 3 will be done by October, they have to be. Then I'll have time to play with everything else and the four STCs could come out relatively quickly depending on if the Free Radical Collective get their hands on them!

    Anyway, off to watch some TV, I was going to paint but found out that after the 15 mins I did this morning I went and left my Turquoise highlight paint pot open so now it's dried out a bit I'm slightly annoyed :(

  3. DimmyK, do you mean you'd like to see pics of the whole Tyranid army and whatever else I've done? I can do that but there's a mid way gallery of them here: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/nids-part-20-photo-bomb.html

    Still had to perfect my red planet basing and there's quite a few more models since then but you may be right, I need to do an up-to-date photo shoot. When the first three items are complete above I'll get right on it, cheers.

    1. Yes, exactly what I mean - would be nice to see them arrayed in full force, thanks :) (and deathwing, etc too)

    2. Okey doke, I'll get it done as soon as possible although the Dark Angels, despite forming a lot of content of this blog is still very much a work in progress that has paid very little in dividends as yet.

      Again it's currently represented by the Assault on Black Reach models, which will be supplemented by the Dark Vengeance ones and a whole slew of early edition metal miniatures that have been stripped in preparation to be repainted for 5th [and now 6th] Edition. When the Dark Angel numbers are significant enough I'll capture them too.