Thursday, 16 August 2012

Be prepared

Just a little thing, an obvious tip we all know but maybe just not thought about. I've got quite a few empty pots from my washes and having spent a great deal of time mixing lighter highlights of base colours I finally got round to using a pot for a lighter mix. Now maybe my hesitancy is due to the paints being 'locked' in that colour now. The turquoise, and more importantly the white can no longer be used for their prime function or for mixing with other colours, but there is a very good reason for biting the bullet and preparing a pot of paint like this - time. 

The thought of mixing a highlight and the amount of paint in involved, sometimes more comes out of the bottle than I need and if I get bored part-way through I've wasted paint, then I may not even bother to do the bit of painting I wanted. Having a pre-mix like this means I can pop it open, paint some chitin for just 20 minutes or even less and that way it breaks up the monotony of the Tervigon in particular - so much chitin to do!

I appreciate this is like teaching you guys to suck eggs but this is something I could have done years ago and just never bothered, now I have I can't believe I left it so long before I did it. Preparations like this not only save you time but allow you to fit painting into time you wouldn't normally attempt and also overcome those reasons for not painting in the first place.