Sunday, 26 August 2012

'nids part 48 / Terrain is everything - Tyranid Quad Gun pt1.

Last month I did all the leg work in bringing forth some ideas to make your own Tyranid defence line, you can thank me later ;) Sure I'm taking credit for pointing out someone else's, namely Mr_Pink, work but I can follow up that post with some real effort.

I actually have no idea how to use and Aegis Defence Line equivalent, that's not how I play. I've of a mind to just get stuff into combat ASAP even if that puts me out of position and vulnerable. Of course with overwatch that's even more dangerous, so some defences might be useful but more importantly it unlocks the 50pt quad gun - 4 ST7 Twin Linked shots that can target flyers - I'll take that. However, you may recall that I was of the opinion, based on the FAQ, Nids couldn't use them but having seen other posts on the subject I re-read the rules and a defence line is 'battlefield debris', not a building and the gun emplacement in such DOES NOT have the auto-fire capability, it is purely user controlled so we can use such a weapon.

Anyway so first up is my Tyranid Quad Gun I got five 50mm bases off ebay and I'll be using a plastic Bucks Fizz cork as the base for the weapon.

The weapon itself will be based on the Acid Spray gun for the Tyrannofex, handily free with my Tervigon kit. I love the item, it'd make an awesome objective marker but it'll look cool as a quad gun given the four 'barrels'. At this stage I was playing around with ideas but I have cut off the lower part of the arm with my Dremmel equivalent that I got for my birthday last year. The Dremmel hasn't seen too much use for modelling but when necessary it's been invaluable.

Having curved the arm to try and match the curve on the plastic cork I drilled a hole to pin the gun to the cork with flower arranging wire.

Here was the decision I had to make, whether to put this pot pourri seed onto the side of the 'cork' and mount the arm inside it so there would be still that tendon able to pull the weapon up or to mount a Carnifex head in place of the tendon.

My decision was to go with the Carnifex head. Unfortunately my reasoning is flawed as I've just realised in writing this. My idea was to have the head to therefore justify when it wasn't being 'manned' the Carnifex sentience would provide the autofire but as I've just pointed out above this thing won't autofire - DOH! nevermind it'll look cool.

And here's what I mean, with the head cut down and mounted on the top of the arm I will add the pin. Next I'll mount the cork onto the base, bulk out the neck area and then use Milliput to create a chitinous shell round it and try to blend it alltogether, perhaps using some toxin sacs to hid the gaps inbetween the head and the arm.

Next up to share, the initial stage of my defence line...