Friday 30 September 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 22 - moar shots

Here are the 'cinematic' phone shots, y'know blessed by filters to look them all cool and interesting.

RFemember kids, always take some shots with a bit of 'breathable' space around them, you never know when you are going to want to put something in that space... [I really don't know but it gives me options should I want to].

Face on.

In all his epic majesty.

Moar, moar, moar.

So slight shift in gear as I try out my home-made light box.

Still think there is some colour correction I could do in Photoshop and in all honest my £4 light box is a bit small for such a figure. I have a post coming up that shows the set up and other pics that make it clear it's as good a solution as any bespoke expensive option.

Not sue if these were from my digital camera.

This is clearly Camera 360, throwing in some of it's usual FX.

Lastly some shots with Cozy Magnifier and Microscope which is a bit fiddly but does help capture some really good macro-shots that my other camera apps fail to do.

So there we go, he's complete and ahead of schedule too, by about five days. Which allowed me some nights off actually. I say nights off, I had a game with PeteB and an early night while me youngest was on an Educational trip and the wife was suffering some separation anxiety, so we all watched Bake Off together ;)

Anyway, the Quad Gun and Bastion are next on the painting table. I really need to dig out the Aquila Lander as reference. I managed to storm though that with a bit of concerted effort so I just need to apply the same approach and I should have this done in time for AoP, but what then...?!

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  1. He looks completely awesome. I still can't get over how creepy that head is. I'd be using the other one to psyche out my opponent; place it next to one of their units and say " knight wants his face back."

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, man! I honestly like it better without the faceplate!

  3. Bake Off rocks! Shame it has to move to Channel 4, without Mary Berry, Mel and Sue. Hopefully they cancel the move or it will be another Top Gear tragedy.

    Oh, great Knight btw ;)

    1. This is the first time we've watched it as a family. To be honest I don't think it's as good as it's progeny - sewing bee and pottery throw down. But that said we still like it, they're essentially the same program I just think the other two improved the formula.

      I think the change won't affect us too much given we've just joined the party. Funny thing is they all surprise me how bad they can be when they're supposed to be good at their task. I often wonder if that's the case with any activity but say if it was painting figures would any of us have 'bad days' quite the way these folk do? Sure I've got figures that don't quite meet my expectations but never to extent where I have to scrap it and start again!

  4. Missed most of the WIP steps along the way, but he has turned out amazing! I love the contrasting armor damage and the weathering done is superb.