Friday, 16 September 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 15

As I debate the further use of decals I decided to add my own 'Gerantius inspired' heraldry. Given the Dark Angel affiliation and exisiting symbol I decided to replace the portcullis with a broadsword. I was a little disheartend by my efforts, but only insomuch as they were far too bulky looking, whereas the proper Gerantius symbol is quite lean in it's execution. Also what do you think of the Forgeworld mark on the hatch, too distracting?

To that end I trimmed it down again which has offered up further issues with how to render the eyes in such a small space. I also need to do the top of the head and perhaps decide if I need to put the portcullis in?

Quick Photoshop later, what do you think?

I've also been wodering about the back of the pauldrons and the legs. As you can see the shin pads feature the crown from the main symbol. I have a number of Dark Angel decals I could use but I'm already wary of mixing the decals and freehand. Freehand on its own works for me but put it next to the clarity of a decal and it really highlights any deficiencies in the quality. I can free hand the Dark Angel symbol but I have the decals... find out tomorrow.

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