Monday, 19 September 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 17

Flushed with satisfaction of making a decision on the leg decals I decided to continue my focus on the shin pads - time for some battle damage. Just Khorne Red with some black added in places and then highlights of Dark Reaper or green depending on the background colour.

A Strong Tone wash on the decal just to tone down the brightness. I'm really pleased with the result, the damage is comparable to the same on the Cerastus. There's a lot on the shins, I'll try to reduce the amount as it goes further up the Knight - no point covering up all the green and black! 

I only need to do the knee and thigh plates and then glow effects on generators on the calf and hips and the lower torso is complete! Sometimes these things can progress super quick and this particular effort is offering up a glimpse of the home straight. Then it;s focusing on the upper torso, I'm a bit miffed as I've misplaced the semi-circle that holds the head in place. I can obviously just glue the head on but I wanted to be able to turn it. Alternatively I was looking at making a wire collar for it, where it wraps round the mount on the head and is pinned into the attachment point on the neck. Unfortunately my wire bending skills haven't convince me just yet...

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