Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What's on my palette?

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been just over 4 months since my last confession and I just need to evaluate where I'm at to keep track and focus.

To be fair  I did a 'Where’s my head @', my Hobby Season Review and the To Do List, so they cover some of what What’s on my palette achieves. That said there’s a lot coming in the last quarter of the year. The biggies were Fluffageddon and Armies on Parade, the sad news is that unfortunately I’m not going to make Fluffageddon. The same day is one of the infrequent Southport Floral Hall Rock Nights. The wife wants to go and as it’s harking back to our early days together, where we’d rock out to the likes of Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith No More and many others I’m not about to disappoint her by not getting back in time [literally and figuratively]. Hopefully some of my gaming crew will also be at the Floral as we always played and partied hard back then, given we all went to these things. In fact that's were I reconnected with them way back in 2012. Not to mention our last visit in 2015:

I’m really disappointed not to get in on the first Fluffageddon, Alex was always keen to point out those who’d been to Blog Wars from the beginning so I was imagining Matt would do the same. It would have also made a good recce of the Outpost in case future From the Fang events happen there. However, that did leave a bit of a hole in my Winter tournament schedule but luckily there seems to be a wealth of alternatives. Caledonian are holding a number of events over the next few months, both one and two day tournaments. Additionally Wargames has a couple of events, 40k GT heats and there’s also Armies on Parade, the calendar looks a bit like this:
Obviously I’m not going to all of them and this is not everything that’s going on nationwide, there are plenty of other 40 GTs happening but these are the ones I was interested in and trying to fit them around my wife’s work. The end result is I’ll be attending Armies on Parade and the Caledonian Highlander. The Caledonian is new to me, hence why I chose Highlander, I’m not sure the Unbound is my bag and luckily Liam and Ben are going to go too. It’s two days, which I’m less keen on, I prefer just a one day event but it fits around home life and as the wife has given me a pass I’ll make do. I’m particularly intrigued about the army lists that can be made with the limitations but I’ll be taking the nids and as it’s only 1500pts and 3 hours to play I think it should be quite relaxed. The only thing I need to worry about is perhaps making my Acid Spray for my Tyrannofex, I'm in two mind between it and a Carnifex... We may also look at Wargames in January but that’s a long way off just yet.

AoP is a different matter though as that's just over 4 weeks away. I still have to prepare a couple of things to be happy with my display:
  • Imperial Knight Paladin
  • Imperial Bastions
  • Quad Gun
This is the bare minimum, I'd hoped to add in  some of the Deathwatch but I'm realistic that's highly unlikely even if I did want to simplify how I paint them so they're quicker than my Ravenwing. I just don't have it in me to compromise and rush them... Still the Paladin is progressing and I can limit my efforts just to the one set of weaponry so I can then shift focus back to the Bastions and pick up the remainder after Parade day.


To that end I'll be setting myself a new schedule to keep these tasks in mind. It's a rough guess on how long I can allocate to each part and if I complete them ahead of schedule so much the better.