Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Dark Angels - Land Speeder Typhoons - To Done!

I'd been holding out for the weekend to get my To Done! pics done. I make the fundamental mistake of using natural light and with autumn approaching that's going to be in short supply. I've a plan to fix that though so 'bear with'.

I wasn't overly impressed with the pics but seeing them now they don't look too bad. In fact it's these pics that are convincing me I've done a half decent job on them. In fairness I should have taken pictures alongside the rest of my Ravenwing to compare the consistency, you can definitely see brighter and more highlights on these than the Dark Talon, but it's a smaller model with more edges so there would be more going on.

I'm still dubious about the orange missiles, but I've used orange throughout for grenades and missiles so I felt compelled to stick with it. Consistency is hugely important across the force, despite huge variation in the three wings and a riot of detail competing for attention so long as some things remain the same it ties all the disparate pieces together.

I plan to get at least another Typhoon to complete the squadron. If I ever do another unit I'll mix up the edges a bit so that there are red borders elsewhere - I don't imagine I'll have more than the three Typhoons so that element will be transposed on a different part of the model.

The jets turned out OK, I haven't added any gloss varnish. Liam brought me to task on its use as a glow effect. Whereas it may be appropriate on the white bits the rest isn't. I may well add those little bits at some point but for now I've just left it.

The Book turned out OK too, I could have done some more illumination on the page but I struggle with this sort of thing so it looked all right in the end so I'll take it as a win.

The Ravenwing pilot is called 'Maze' after the nickname for the demon Mazikeen in Lucifer, well it had to be a short name to fit on the plaque ;) Both marines had the Ravenwing symbol painted freehand, the gunner's is a bit ropey because I was painting it through the speeder frame but I think they pass muster.

These guys had markings moulded into their shoulder pads so the winged skull was a bit easier.

I also put the company number and squad tribal markings in to break it up although I think I should have stuck with one direction. The gunners eyes are a bit wonky but only if you look dead on, which is difficult as the heavy bolter obscures both eyes. They're so small though and such a pain I think they'll do. This pic does seem to suggest the highlights are too extreme, I may look to be more subtle with my Deathwatch and in turn make them easier to paint...

Just a shot of the complete underneath

So close to being completed in last Season, but I really sabotaged myself in that respect. Nevermind it's all done and I look forward to adding them into my existing force. I think they'll easily replace my Deathwing with a few more points to spend. I think they'll give me more long range firepower with potential to hide in my back field and should they last sneak around stealing objectives. Anyway, my first Big Purple Stamp of Approval!