Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 13

With Double Trouble fast approaching I've started to get a little anxious about completing my Ravenwing. I think the bikes are achievable but the Dark Talon is looking less likely, but I'll give it a go. With that in mind when I went into the ManCave intent on 2nd highlights on the Marines I immediately found a diversion task and started highlighting the black on my Imperial Knight! But I go with the flow, so however much I'm telling myself this is not a priority I do it anyway as that's where my muse is. So I was working on the shin pads, I've done the 1st and 2nd highlights and with the shin on the right you should just be able to see how far down the highlight goes. Whereas the shin on the left has since been shadow blended, with a mix of thinned black and dry brushing, admittedly the picture isn't perfect but you should be able to see the difference.

As I was about to get back onto the bikes I thought it was a unfair not to do the Pauldrons as well. This time the shadow blended one is on the right and the highlighted one on the left.

Sure, its very subtle but it's definitely better with the shadow blend.

Luckily after this I was able to bring myself to highlight some Ravenwing, I was able to complete three sets of 2nd Dark Reaper highlights and work on the cloak of the second Sarge so I wasn't completely naughty. Now I just have two marines to highlight and I can move on to a new stage, hopefully without any detours, at least not just yet.

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