Tuesday 24 May 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing bike squad - still not finished!

"Chaplain on a bike!" these guys are still not finished! Luckily the avoidance task I undertook instead of doing pin highlights on the black was do the final highlights on the company symbols and purity seals.

I did also root out my old metal Assault Marines and run some Khorne red round the bases just to tie them in to my red planet base theme, I wonder if I should repaint the Milliput sculpted bases yellow too?

And I picked out all the rivets and red on the purity seals. I managed to finish by 11:40, which was good as I'd actually got into bed the previous night at that time and had a whole 6 hours and 40 minutes sleep. Unfortunately finishing painting and leaving the Man Cave are not  the same thing, so an hour later...

Now that I've broken the 5 hour sleep barrier and I'm looking at 4 hours something, jeez is it worth it?

Anyway, they're progressing nicely whatever the deprivation does, and to think I used to be terrible when the kids were up all night and now I'm doing it of my own volition!

I've since done some more, but the pictures wouldn't show much, grenades, Purity Seals almost complete, 2nd sarge's cloak etc. but what's left?
  1. Pin highlights [still]
  2. Eye lenses [there's only 4, so not sure why I'm putting it off]
  3. 2nd Sergeants head/eyes!
  4. Purity seals - sepia wash
  5. Litany script
  6. Names and numbers on shoulder pad
  7. Verdigris
  8. Handlebar screens
  9. Plasma coils
  10. Red headlamp and OSL [v.nervous about this for obvious reasons! ]
  11. Base edge
  12. Varnish
  13. Orange weathering powder on tyres


  1. Great work you are putting in there. But don't burn yourself out on it!

    1. Ha, ha, burn myself out, I'm pretty much in a state of constant burn out. Tired all day until about 10 and then it's 'ping' wide awake. I did take a night off yesterday though, still went to bed at 11:50ish!