Monday 30 May 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing bike squad - To Done!

Finally got these done, I may have gone over the top a little bit on the weathering powder on the tyres but I can live with it.

Obviously the OSl on the headlamps is still a little too opaque but the gloss highlight certainly gives the impression this is from a light source and not something else.

I have to admit thought that my idea of these guys a brooding unit of shadowy black hunters has been thrown out the window with all the extra colours, trimmings, badges, litanies, patina and effects. It's a positive cacophony of colours.

But I'm actually really impressed with the end result, my first true Ravenwing bikes.

Here's one of the units of three.

Though stupidly I got them mixed up and you've got two with Company badges of '2' and the last as Roman numeral 'II'

The screens came out OK, especially as I switched to Tamiya Clear Orange X-26, instead of Tamiya Clear Red X-27. The orange added richness to the red already present and made the white 'targets' orange so there was variety in the display.

Surprisingly the '2s' were far easier to paint than the roman numerals. I'll have no fear of doing these in the future, expect more curly gothic numbers!

Here's where the weathering powder looks a little OTT.

Phone pics

Big green stamp of approval to me, thanks for your patience with it all this time! Some more gallery pics coming soon.


  1. Great work Dave, still look enough broody enough to me, glad you did the feathers that nice turquoise so I could steal it ;) I think it works well, better than the run-of-the-mill White you see all the time.

    If you think the weathering powder is over the top, could you drybrush a little black, or add some Nuln Oil to the grooves? I think it looks fine.

  2. Looks good to me pal, glad to see the army progressing.

  3. Gratz, Dave. They look great.

  4. They look fantastic! The pressure is on now, I have to finish my squad ;-)

  5. Looking good, nice to see some lighting effetcs on the headlights :-)