Sunday 1 May 2016

40kaddict Terrain Competition 2016 winner

The end of the month and voting is now closed on the 40kaddict Terrain Competition. Firstly I'd like to make a few 'thank yous'. I'm not sure who should take priority but in no particular order:
  • thanks to all those who find something worth clicking on your support really made this a reality
  • thanks to all those who took part, there was a moment where I thought I wasn't going to get any entries but I think 11 for a first time, untested competition was really good going. Not to mention the inventive ways everyone interpreted the templates. Hardly any of them were 'stock' recreations they all added something unique from the builders perspective which I absolutely loved.
  • thanks to all those that voted. I was a little apprehensive about the poll, but poll-maker was super easy to use and its streamlined nature has made all my concerns disappear.
So all that's left to do is announce the winners, as was mentioned in the rules the first prize was for an Imperial Knight [or equivalent value model] and the second prize was £10 in vouchers for a local independent game store

Second prize goes to: Alun Heseltine and 'awww!'

First prize goes to: Marc van Holst and 'Thermoplasma Generator'

You can see all the voting here, it has made me think next time it may be wise to combine voting by all entries, as combined it looks like Alun might have won by one vote. Although I don't know if both pictures together might have reduced the cute factor of awww! on it's own, hopefully he won't be too disappointed with second prize, but please feel free to comment on whether you're happy with separate votes or would prefer combined, I know a couple of entries were specified as separate...

Now hopefully Marc wants the Imperial Knight because GW only went and released Imperial Knights: Renegade this month. Liam had asked me to go halves on a box, which initially I said I couldn't really afford at the moment as I was thinking of the Knight for myself. Then I remembered I'd promised one in my competition, duh! Anyway I agreed to go in with him and got dibs on the Warden in the set, because that's what I'd kind of been promising and Liam's got 5 knights anyway so he's probably got all the load outs.

Initially I'd thought to shop locally for the winner and have it delivered direct but everyone knows Australian prices for GW are insane and this worked out better all round for everyone. So the order is in with Wayland games, when they have new stock in they'll be sending it out and I'll then forward it on. Anyway I'll be sorting all the details out with both winners individually but I think everyone can consider themselves a winner, as they've got a cool piece of terrain out of it.

As for the other reasons for holding the competition I think I've proved AdSense competitions can work, within only 9 months I was able to reach the goal that previously had taken 4.5 years. Now it's doubtful that momentum will continue as I won't be holding a competition this time round and I won't be updating the blog with the totals each month, which usually prompted a spike in clicks. But then the quicker I reach my next target the quicker I can get round to running a new competition.

That said it will be more useful insight to see how the clicks have evolved compared to pre-competition. One interesting aside was that I did manage to link my YouTube account to my AdSense and last month made 13p from YouTube alone, so for all those bloggers with AdSense and YouTube videos it may be worthwhile joining those up.

Hopefully there'll be less stigma involved for bloggers using adverts in the future and we'll see more people taking them on and more people clicking. I'm regularly clicking on From the Fang and The Burning Eye's adverts that are relevant to me. Interestingly this last month I got this 'achievement' in my AdSense account celebrating over a million impressions on the adverts. If Google are telling me this then I'm guessing its a big deal so I'd recommend if you've got a blog just add an ad, it's not difficult and it may take four or five years to make anything from it but you never know...


  1. Very well deserved, Marc's was an awesome entry.

  2. Chuffed to monkeys over here. The money is going towards something for the gaming table for both myself and my daughter to enjoy.

    All the entries were fantastic, and it was great to see such a varied take on the files that were available... "Where's Weston" deserved so many more votes!

    Big congratulations to +Marc van Holst​ the generator looked great, and may end up being my next scratch build.

    Finally, a huge amount of thanks to +Dave Weston​ for running such a great competition... I've not entered a hobby based comp since I was a kid and won a prize for painting one of the original "White Dwarf" minis... this was great fun to do, and really spurred on creating those ruins. I look forward to the next one, in the mean time I'm off to click some adverts 😀

    1. That picture was so cute! Well done Alun; I can definitely recommend the generator template. It goes together fairly neatly, as long as you take into consideration how thick your board material is and modify the width of the armour paneling exactly to accommodate it.

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  4. Thank you so much Dave, and thanks to all the entrants for such a fun competition. We should all do it again sometime! I am looking forward to hearing the stories behind these pieces, they are amazing and must have taken a lot of effort. I think combining the voting for multiple entries is good, as long as it is clear at the start. That way people can make an informed decision about how they want to enter.

  5. Glad it worked out chief. All good entries.

  6. Glad it worked out chief. All good entries.