Monday, 9 May 2016

Dark Angels - Jefighter!!!!

Before I did the biker I actually just threw caution to the wind and painted any of the white symbols and markings on the Jetfighter. Once again I'm in two minds about why I'm doing white for these. I'm perfectly happy with the execution and it looks cool, but logically I struggle to process these white markings on vehicles that hunt in the shadows [or sort of].

To be fair 40k is riddled with these anachronisms, the Jetfighter is often shown with marble panels - hello?! It's supposed to fly and you're stone-cladding it? My own brass/bronze aesthetic is deliberately used as they're less inert, more prone to the weathering effects, and not as strong. Using these 'ancient' materials as opposed to steel, aluminium or the other futuristic materials, harkens back to the grimdark nature and that nothing makes sense.

Hopefully I'll be able to transfer my recent efforts in highlighting black onto a model of this scale, fingers crossed...

Of course that new flyer supplement probably re-renders this completely useless. I'm struggling to come to terms with the new Space Marine flyer, with greater front armour, admittedly one less hull point but more weapons but more importantly being nearly 50pts cheaper. I don't know what those stat changes equate to or hwo they compare on the battle-filed under play test simulaitons but nearly 30% is a huge difference so which is over and which is undercosted?