Tuesday 19 January 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 7

I followed up the undercoat by putting the Red Planet Base layers down. As you can see the additional medium sized sand grains are much more obvious now compared to the area at the front just to the right of the large vertical pebble shard. The PVA really did a job on moulding the sand together, I had to add the second pass of sand to get any decent definition.

I also went about bronzing the legs and I've obviously got two Termagants on the base to paint as well! Bonewhite chips need doing but I'm debating the colours of the cockpit interior so may Bonewhite that, even though I've not built that into anything. I'm just hoping the resticted view, dark interior and a mix of washes and a little trompe l'oeil might make it look like a detailed cockpit.

Here's most of the other bits having been bronzed or awaiting Warplock Bronze - good stuff.

While I was painting the knight base I also did the base on a small corner section from a Sanctum Imperialis kit I have knocking around. This is actually one of my random terrain pieces to do in my Hobby Season along with the main structure that doesn't have a base. They'll both be red but with bronzed 'skirting boards' and then the interiors will be a distrssed light colour, as if they'd actually painted the interior a different colour! It'll most likely be bonewhite to try and keep things consistent throughout but I'll try and twist it a bit so it's not completely the same as always

Of course all that extra detail means it's not the quick job it could be and I have to get the painting order right in my head too - which colours will cause the most mess so I do them first allowing the more controlled applications to cover up the stray brush strokes and to ensure I only need to add washes a couple of times intead of repeatedly.

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