Thursday 7 January 2016

40kaddict Terrain Competition Update

As December comes to a close I get to check how the competition fund is growing and a further £10 has been added in just one month! So I'd definitely advise looking at any plans you may have to enter the competition sooner rather than later as the fund is nearly half way to maturity!

Not sure what else to say about this, the metrics look very interesting again with some clicks worth 90p alone but a few adverts worth 60p got a number of clicks so that racked up about £3 in just one day! It really is quite staggering, despite these being only a few pence here and there it all seems to add up. Not only that but I'm somehow just earning a penny or two without any click-thru, don't know how that works but it's interesting to see it's possible.

Over the last 30 days clicks have come from:
  1. UK - 17
  2. USA - 3
  3. Austria - 2 [but only 81 page views]
  4. Australia - 2
So thanks for your support of the prize fund, although Canada generated 19p without a single click! Germany brought in 3p and Sweden, Spain, New Zealand and France all contributed a penny each. Sadly no sign of Syria this time around but I did get the odd visit from Laos, Monaco, Gibraltar, India, Oman, Iceland and Kazakhstan. I love to see this sort of thing, welcome one and all. Anyway, we'll reconvene at the end of January to see where the totaliser is at, thanks again.


  1. Cracking on nicely - wish mine were going at the same rate, haha!

    1. I try to remember to check/click yours when I'm at home, the works network removes the ads :(

  2. Think we need to have a chat about adsense settings. My clicks seem to be for a few pence each!

    1. There's not a lot that I;ve done specifically except remove a lot of the 'sensitive' topics that are in the Allow/Block Ads. A good while back when i was doing Kendo our club got added to Google Maps, so they sent us a £50 google advert voucher FREE which I was asked by the club to use to promote the club. The plan was to use half for the January Beginner's night and then the other half later in the year.

      The fact was I only ever did the first campaign so £25 wnet begging. Anyway, the point being is that as the advertiser you set your adverts up and spcify how much per click you are prepared to give, so Ifyou've paid for a £5 campaign and offering 50p a click once you get 10 clicks no more ads, or something like that. But I think the more per click means your ads are shunted to better platforms to advertise.

      All that doess is explain why I've got some adverts coming in at stupid amounts, beacuse the advertiser has set that price. There's also little you can do to see what advert it was, although I just looked at another tab in the earnings section that breaks down what people are clicking on and 'computers/consumer electronics' is generating 21% of my clicks.

      I'm tryng to click on other folks adverts, obviously you don't do your own, that's against oyur terms and conditions. So it's interesting to see the adverts offered, it's supposed to be based on your preferences and I see a lot of amazon and ads coming up, usually after I've just been on those sites but for you and Nick I've seen online games and a couple of other things like a German triple glazing company and more bizarrely a womens fashion/trend website for California 'style' [not a dating website like for Thai brides I hasten to add].

      I won't touch the element games ads, as I know their website and it'll just be them paying out for clicks with no return. Not sure what else I can say, as I recall you actually get far more traffic than I do so it can't be that, have you breached the first £60? Maybe that makes a difference, or it could be the increase in clicks I've been getting has shifted me into a different bracket so that those more expensive adverts are being sent my way because my click thru rate versus impressions might be comparatively high, I dunno?

    2. Today's CPC 33p, six clicks. I don't know how it works, it just is £1.98 today alone? Of course the faster folk build the prize fund the sooner the deadline for entries draws near!