Wednesday, 27 January 2016

'nids part 182 - 6 Stealers

There was me bemoaining the slow progress of my forces of the Imperium and then I take a little detour to do Genestealers! What the flip?! Rest assured I pretty much loathe doing them so I takee no pleasure in scampering off to the Hive for a bit. These 6 were done over three nights btu in concert with my Imperial bits too.

I managed to paint all the legs and chests in one night, they're the easiest bits really. Then the next night I did the arms, back and head on one and the head and backs on the remaining 5. Night three had me finish of the 20 arms, which of course are split in two parts and I have to rotate them to get top, right, bottom, left sides - this is why I hate Stealers! Of course I was riddled with doubt prior to this on whether to go full bonewhite or add in some Chitin colouring on the back. I haven't gone full bonewhite since my first Stealers so snap-decisioned to see how they would look. Of course a better decision would have been based on disposition of miniatures so I could find ways to group them safely into broods but we'll go with it.

That currently gets me 16 of my 31 Stealers basecoated in bonewhite. I'm really regretting not using a Bonewhite primer now. With hindsight the bases and all the red fleshy bits could have been added quicker than using that as the undercoat and cutting in all the bonewhite colours. That realisation, alongside the reminder I hate painting them was one of the reasons they've been stagnating for a month or two but now I'm over half way I feel a little more relieved.

Of course this is only the basecoat of one colour. I still have the blues to do and then the washes and then it's the highlights - which for each coat will take just as long , if not longer than the they did to basecoat. I've just done a quick estimate of time
  • 9 days - Bonewhite base coats [15 models at 3 days per 5]
  • 2 days - shadow wash
  • 18 days - Bonewhite highlight 1 [31 models at 3 days per 5]
  • 18 days - Bonewhite highlight 2 [31 models at 3 days per 5]
  • 2 days - Chitin highlight 1
  • 2 days - Chitin highlight 2
  • 3 days - Claws
  • 1 day - teeth and eyes
  • 1 day - wraithbone chips on bases
  • 3 days - varnishing
These are rough estimates and may be speeded up or delayed but that's  59 days of work right there! Ho hum! Will have to measure that to see how accurate an estimate it is [once again I don't like to keep track of time spent so why would I be doing this?]