Monday 11 January 2016

We've got a European Ticket to Ride

Father Christmas was very keen to reward my first born son with a board game and he wisely chose Ticket to Ride: Europe. We had opportunity to give it a go as a family, on first glance the rules seemed quite complicated and decided my wife and youngest would team up, which in hindsight was a mistake as the rules are actually quite simple. In truth I think it's potentially the easiest game we've got - compared to Pandemic and Catan. It's really easy to setup and essentially amounts to a card game with some board mechanics with a train theme. This was me [yellow] trailing early on to the wife [black] and the boy [green].

Of course things change by the end of the game and thanks to comnpleting all my tickets, creating the longest train and not using any stations I steamed ahead by the end. There was actually a few more points to add taking me well over 100 points

We had another game a few nigths later and the boy managed to whoop all of our collective cabooses making nearly 120-130points! I highly recommend it and if you need anymore convincing why not check out the awesome Wil Wheaton in his Tabletop episodes of the original and Europe version, it's why I advised good old St. Nick that it was a gift worth receiving.


  1. I love ticket to ride :) I know we've chatted on facebook about (but its here where the stats counts!). we played it again with some friends on Saturday, and ive asked for the expansion to the European one for my birthday this week.

    Id agree with you, its simple, but engaging and a lot of fun. but there is still strategy and resource management and pre-planning. :)

  2. I've only ever played the original, but it is a great and simple game. A;though, I think that it still takes a lot of skill to truly master the game. Its one of the few board games that I would love to own.

  3. This is one of my all time favorite games. Everyone seems to love it, and there are so many layers of strategy. Plus if you think you are losing, you can go super evil!

  4. One of my favorites as well. Enjoy :-)