Tuesday 2 March 2021

Old stuff day 2021

Morning #warmongers and #WarhammerCommunity it's #OldStuffDay 2021. A few years ago now warhammer39999 wanted to join a movement to rediscover lost gems from the world of hobby blogs. To choose one of your own blogposts that your most proud of, or may not have got the attention it deserved or any thing that may warrant some necromantic blogpost bothering. On top of that you were to share blogposts from other bloggers which you thought deserved the same spotlight of attention before they were returned to their dark nightmare infested slumbers.

Here's some great posts from other bloggers [apologies to the many great bloggers out there I haven't included, you do sterling work too, these are just the ones I was reminded to remember over the last 12 months]:

Remember when we didn't have a Tyranid Spore Pod and we had to make our own? Eventually we got the Tyrannocyte but there were some who made some pretty great versions of their own. Davyart created this spore pod, the post is from 2019 but the model was built in 2012. You can follow it from concept sketch through to painting. I recall seeing the model at the time but I never saw the build or the finished article. As I'm still basking in the glow of my own scratchbuild success it's a fine example of what you can achieve. Also, the rest of the blog is worth checking out too ;)

This isn't Warhammer related but it is a pretty interesting article about perfectionism. I think we all strive for perfection in the hobby and this is helpful in keeping those expectations in check.

My antipodean twin Marc has been regaling the hobby community with his own blog for 7 years. It's a constant amusement how often our personal tastes in the hobby intersect, despite thousands of miles between us. One particular shared passion is our love of the 'blessed verdigris'. His technique is far more involved than my own, probably backed up by some real science. So take a trip back to 2015:

Also from Marc, here's his entry into my terrain competition, the ultimate winner of the Imperial Knight:

Speaking of terrain, how about Mike Corr's collected works on terrain. With a focus on gaming it's interesting to see how diverse you can be with some of the older Citadel terrain kits. Sadly some have been discontinued but it's well worth seeing what you could do, as well as what he did for my terrain comp.

Last year Rob suggested I should take sole 'ownership' of Old Stuff Day, as I am more proactive in its celebration/promotion. I understand his point but I can never dismiss its origins - credit where it's due I'm not one for reshaping history. So, I'm going to throw even more credit his way with a flurry of great posts - like when he made a Gormiti toy into a pretty awesome Tyranid Bastion. And credit where it's due I told him about it after I saw it mentioned on a Tyranid message board.

And yet more 'nids

How to dip your 'nids

And an interesting piece of terrain ;)

Lastly, I refer to Garfy's Hierophant strengthening/pinning whenever someone asks about making bases for them or how to make them stronger. It is the best guide and if you're in the market for one you will need this if you have the balls to cut it up and put steel rods inside it.

What about my own posts? Well I'm going to wimp out a bit and just point you directly to my FREE terrain templates page:

I may not have created a new template in a good few years but that enhanced feeling of satisfaction I got from building the Tyranid VSG is something I wish I could share with everyone.  These templates may go some way to allowing folk the opportunity to build some terrain [mostly] from scratch . Maybe they'll feel as fulfilled as I did, maybe it'll encourage me to try and make some more templates, who knows?

Wait a minute, I just got a reminder that 4 years ago me and my mates organised a 40k tournament! We may never do it again but it was a really great experience at the time and worth remembering. We started thinking about it well before we let the world know in November 2016. Tickets went on sale mid-December and we'd got the venue at the old WarGames store [now Dice and Decks] all sorted. I got 36 unique objective cards created for all those who came for the bash [and check out those winners certificates]. The day was an absolute blast, or should that be bash? And the quality of armies on show were really high. And I had 1, 2, 3 great games.


  1. Happy Old Stuff Day!!! I literally just fell down the blog rabbit hole for 4 hours...

    1. Ha ha, however I did post it first things so folk would have the chance to explore it all day. Although I do realise now first thing for me is probably tea time for you! 😂