Monday 22 March 2021

Where's my head @?

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've not been #paintingwarhammer,  so much, the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak. Further to my last post about hobby excess, I do indeed have an overload of projects. Not so much active ones but those that are swirling around in my head while I try to resolve those that are actually on my painting table. We all know the mental health benefits of the hobby. So many of us feel peace and wellbeing through our efforts. But, there is definitely a flip side to this. I've said it many times - it is an addiction or at the very least a compulsion and when you reach a point where you can't pick up a brush and paint, then those withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating.

I've numerous tricks to help kickstart my motivation but I am in denial about whether I've 'lost my mojo' or not. I always say "if in doubt - base" but aside from my Armiger Helverins that's not really an option at the moment. Alternatively, blocking in base colours on the likes of my Macragge Tactical Squad is a no-brainer task that needs doing and can be slipped in among the compressed hobby time I currently have available. 

I have in fact done a small amount of painting but nothing feels productive, the down side of blocking in colours. I want something big and impressive, to complete something again. That hit of achievement when finishing a project - I'm far away from feeling that on any project. I've gone through this many times before and will go through it many times again. It's a cruel feeling when the hobby turns on you like this, wanting more from you than you're capable of giving. That's why I can't #hobbystreak and now I'm even slightly more annoyed because I just remembered I already have a post on this very subject that has been in draft for a couple of years or more!

Anyway, I'll be back to my old self shortly. And, when my eldest is back at university I'll have more time, so it's best I ensure I get a lot of things prepped and ready for when I can focus all my attention on them. Perhaps building and priming is my best route to satisfaction at the moment? Whatever, just remember the hobby can be fickle, but it does more good than harm and ultimately whatever obstacle is preventing you succeeding will surely pass.

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