Friday 10 March 2017

Birthday Bash best army pics

Here's some pics of the best army and Unknown Soldier entries and first up is inevitable eventual winner Liam's Khorne Daemons ;)


My own Dark Angels.

Hendrik's Dark Angels, painted by Den of Imagination [he didn't enter them into the painting competition].

Space Wolves


Moar Space Wolves.

Dark Angels.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Otty's Inquisition.

PeteB's Khonre Daemons [and borrowed Crone as he forgot his Heldrake].


Tournament winner Michael Corr's Deathwatch.

Martin's Dark Eldar.

Moar nids.

Ben's filthy Necrons.

Moar Deathwatch


Blood Angels and Space Marines.


Unknown soldier award - best troop model.

So, a great event, not too many problems, hopefully we'll be bigger and better next year, thanks for coming :)

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