Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Birthday Bash 2.0* - you'll ALL be welcome

Some of you may remember two years ago I had a little birthday tournament with my mates. As you can see Liam was the victor using his Riptide spam ;) If you clicked the link you may also have noticed my birthday is in February, at least four months away. Well it's usually around this time of year that Ben starts thinking about a trip to Warhammer World - something I'm a little too tight to contemplate this time round.

So, I had a chat with the rest of the gaming crew and PeteB was well up for a mini tournament as his birthday is just before mine too. In 2015 we borrowed Ben's kitchen but this time that probably wouldn't be sustainable and in a bid to have another fun birthday celebration/gaming session I went to my local game store Wargames and had a chat with the owner Martin. He was perfectly happy for us to rock up, pay our fee to use the tables for the day and leave things at that. Alternatively he suggested a couple of other options to turn it into a much bigger event, even to ITC tournament scale! Which gave us plenty to think about.

PeteB, Ben and myself had a bit of a summit last night to discuss options. We're all after an event that is fun, not really about winning. Ben was also keen not to have Lord Of Wars, he feels they can make the game too one-sided but I fought to have them included on the basis for some folk it's the only way they can run a list. So we made some restrictions for taking them, as I said the event will be very much 'don't be a dick', we may be shooting ourselves in the foot for interested parties but we just want to have a fun days gaming. This was the interim plan [subject to change]...

Which leads us to the current knowns:
There's obviously other stuff on that sheet but we're not confirmed yet. Provisionally it'll be £20 but how that translates to prize fund, food, potential painting competition is yet to be decided. Wargames usually does quite extensive prize support but much like the principles [and part of the success] of Blog Wars we agree that big prizes for the winner will not be in the spirit of what we had in mind. We'll fix costs and prizes in time.

Currently there'll be myself, PeteB and Ben, with Otty, Liam and Throne of Skulls winner Scott potentially on board. Bottom line is we only need 10 people minimum to make this happen and Martin is convinced he can double our numbers from local players but I wanted to offer an open invitation to folk who follow the blog to see if they'd be interested in joining in, the more the merrier.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

* Birthday Bash 2.0 is a provisional title, feel free to offer alternative 40kaddict related names :)