Friday 17 February 2017

Birthday Bash 2.0 - Moar updates

A little over a week away until the Birthday Bash you can see I've been a busy boy preparing some objective cards. Here's the front of them with the Birthday Bash artwork. I've sliced and diced like a sushi chef over the last few weeks and got about 36 set done. If I need anymore it'll take but a minute to get them ready printed and cut. Everyone will get a set but should a last minute rush leave us short theres always the slightly clunky table to roll on ;)

And the reverse, with all the missions and 1VP per objective. As you can only score 2 maximum per turn the D3 objectives didn't make sense. That turns things like Supremacy and Ascendancy on their heads, as now that's a considerable task for just one measly, or potentially valuable point! But at least you won't get folk galloping away with the lead without opportunity to make a come back.

Now, when we did the original Birthday Bash [ Game1 Eldar | Game2 Grey Orks | Game3 Riptides ] Liam went home with this fabulous trophy.

PeteB thought this would make a much better prize for the winner [not the Heldrake mind, it's just there for scale]!

And I've also prepared the certificates

 Of course the spirit of the event is less about winning and more about taking part. It's the opportunity to spend time with people who share our interests and remember to have a good time. With over 30 people turning up it's already looking like we'll do it again [in case you couldn't make it]. We'll definitely be having a look at how it can improve hopefully we'll have a clearer plan once we've had the event.

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