Friday 12 March 2021

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on my Nurgle #BloodBowl players and they are all TO DONE! This was an exercise in two things - experimenting with various skintones and grunging up the armour and uniform.

Well he second part has been a success. I am well pleased with the way I've done the armour and clothes and been brave enough not to overwork the 'cream' colours on the pants after I've grunged them up.

The skintones have been a mixed bag. Some have been better than expected, some have been less. The 1 dimensional cartoon ones aren't bad, but they're a style of painting I'm familiar with and confident in. I hoped to push some boundaries but sadly didn't quite do that in some cases. 

It might have been that I tried too many. Certainly there are three green ones and with more chance to explore I got variety and success alongside the ore mundane.

The purple ones too are unique in each way and some are more successful than others. It was also challenging because I saw a number of amazing Nurgle teams over the last year or so and they followed the more uniform approach. That coherency and ability to make all their skintones, raw areas and diseased elements match presented a strong display.

Whereas my disparate gang seems less cohesive but bold in its own right and certainly helps define each layer as an individual.

And I think that grungy effect also helps to tie them together, despite their difference. Certainly if I make a display board it should make them even more impressive looking. 

I particularly like the Bloaters. The green one may be my favourite player, then the white one. My only other annoyance was that yet again I didn't really think about converting them. I have a metal tentacle arm somewhere, it would have been nice to tweak them a bit for more variety.

I actually had a game with my son who used them and I can see there are a couple of additional players I could add. I mean they're a surprisingly good team and we only played basic rules, no special skills.

There was another original plan for these - that I would paint them with my son. I may have ditched that idea early n but it was rewarding to finally get a game with him, for him to enjoy it and he also won, which might encourage him to want to play again.

Overall I think the team look great. Despite the parts I didn't quite achieve and my concerns about the mish mash of colours I think it all works together, especially on these black backgrounds.

Another item completed and if it gets me playing games with my son it will be worth the year it's taken to be finished.

This gets me my Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval - TO DONE! 


  1. woohoo! Great completion there and pretty cool looking Nurgle team. Congrats on your results! I really like all the colors and shades in there.

    1. Many thanks. One day I think I need to just do something utterly uniform. OK a carpet of Termagants is pretty uniform but one of these teams - maybe the Orcs will end up that way? I just cant build any enthusiasm for them though, :(