Tuesday 26 January 2021

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team Trio - TO DONE!

Remember my trio of Nurgle #BloodBowl players? You won't believe what they look like now! Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've started using 'clickbait' titles in my tweets, because that's how human's speak now! 😖

Sadly I think the lights have flattened some of the highlights on the orange a bit.

The pants in particular have a bit more going on, but maybe it's a victim of the texture that's going on in the 'cream' parts...?

I'm 2/3rds done with these now. Just 4 players left. 3 Rotters and a Pastigor. I may do the Rotters as a group and the Pestigor on its own.

This Bloater was an exploration in pale skin. I added a little more sepia in places from the last shots. That's probably more tones than I was going for, perhaps a blue might have been more interesting to tie in with the purples but it's Nurgle, nothing is ever truly wrong.  


 I'm pretty pleased with it, even if all that work on his feet got covered up! I also added some tar goop in his hands, as if he'd picked some up when falling over.


Exploring diseased yellow skin, I may name him Colman, he's pretty mustard!


And switching the pustule on the back to white, so they're more like fungal growths seemed like the sensible thing to do.


I've already completed the twin of this one. As mentioned I was a little disappointed as he was supposed to be grey but I've somehow managed to copy his twin.


There's very little difference between the two. I'm not a fan of his face, and again my effort haven't quite captured the detail but I can trot out the same excuse - it's Nurgle!


Here's the team so far. Still need to come up with a name. Maybe find a way to tie it in to my son's condition, maybe with the PXA initials after the name, like PSG. 

And so I gets me this season's Great Big Granite Minor Stamp of Approval, because I can.


  1. So fun (and nasty at the same time)!

    1. Fun (and nasty) was exactly what I was going for. ;)