Monday, 14 March 2016

Throne of Skulls update.

Just a quick update on the weekend, it's going to take me a while to do the battle reports, which means I'll probably forget a lot of things but what can you do? Still, this is the headline, one of my gaming buddies only went and won the whole tournament!

And unbelievably it was Scott [on the left] who was graciously trying to share the trophy with the guy who'd come second, who he'd just played, who had given him the favourite game votes that elevated him to four votes meaning he won outright! Now I understand that's a contentious issue among visitors to Warhammer World, that it may have descended into some kind of popularity contest but knowing Scott I know he thoroughly deserves it, despite only having one game of 40k in 2 years [and that was last week].

These weekends are about having fun and with no restrictions on army lists the organisers want to reward good gameplay, not just winning. So you can bring your beardy lists but if you win at all costs you may not make any friends in the process. That said I think Liam won three games in 2 turns or under and still managed to get 3 best game votes so I guess theirs winning gracefully and beating your opponent.

All that said when the spirit of events like this and Blog Wars, where WAAC is not the primary goal it's nice to see even the part-time gamer can come away with a top prize. And if that's not what you think a tournament should be, I understand and luckily there are events to cater for that formalised  'best army and general on the day' but for me, I'm after fun.

And I had an absolute blast, these guys were thoroughly entertaining and fun to be around, genuine friends with a shared passion in the hobby and creative talents one and all.

Painting wise, none of came away with awards this time, the competition was fierce in all categories and nominations for best army went to just three, but Liam Otty and I did get 'honorable mentions' alongside a number of others. The best army did win in the end, here's Alexis Pollux from it [who also won best character], I'll be posting more pics eventually.

There were also some interesting things in the shop ;)

Amazing scenery


£10 burgers!

£5 chips

Good times...

...and shocking dice rolls

and one of the best trips to Warhammer World ever! I will try to make sense of it all as soon possible and hopefully get an update on the AdSense competition [still keep clicking to guarantee second prize] which with the end of the month deadline means I need to put up more info for entrants so you can know what to do.